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A letter from my parents today:

Our dearest darlingest Lavender,

What has happened to you!? Two detentions! Potions! Young lady, we WILL make you come home during holidays if this keeps up! I raised to be a quiet, vacant girl. Quiet, vacant girls do not get detentions, EVER! They are never tardy, they never talk back, and they are ideal brides.

You will be getting married the week after graduation. You'd better not have gotten any fatter, or you'll look like a bloated toad on your wedding day, and that sweetheart Zabini boy won't want to share his bed with you.

Mother and Father

PS. Lancelot has passed away. We are getting another owl and leaving him in a box on your bed so you may bury him when you come home. I know he was dear to you.

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Alright, I'm starting to get pissed off every time I read a letter in your journal.

Lavender, please promise me you'll rebel against all this.
Should I stop posting them?

I eat. I think that's quite a rebellion in itself. ;)
No, post them or whatever, just...gah!

I'm serious. You're not actually going to be a permanent baby machine all your life, are you?
It's what I was bred to do. I'm as fertile as they come. Wouldn't it be a waste to not have lots of babies?

Although, I'd rather wait until I was not nineteen.
No, it would be a waste spending time doing nothing but popping out and taking care of kids. Your mother sounds extremely insecure about herself, so she's trying to live through you. That's horrible. Don't you want more than that?! Draco's already throwing his life away. Do you want to do the same thing when you deserve so much better?!
But I don't know what I deserve! I just know what I've been told -- I don't know what I want, I just want to make people happy!
Don't listen to that, then. It's bullshit. Make yourself happy for once and think hard. What do you think you want?
To pass all my classes, graduate, and never see anyone in my family again.
Then go through with it when the time comes. You might even feel like telling your mother off someday and getting a sense of empowerment that'll do you a lot of good.

Just be happy.